Amphicar DVD from Britain
with David Chapman

$15 Plus $2 S&H

This DVD is almost an hour in length and is the Amphicar episode done on British TV in 2004.

SALVAGE SQUAD goes around the U.K. restoring mechanical “things”

The show starts with David leading the Salvage Squad to an Amphi “barn car” (not much worse than mine was). They restore the car on the show and also break away to give some history of Hans Trippel’s earlier projects as well as general Amphicar history. They have a segment on the two cars that crossed the English channel.

Of course, no Amphi restoration story would be complete without that first swim. (Water coming up from the bottom, etc.) The show itself and even the commercials are peppered with that very dry English humor.

They do get the car finished and swim it back to David Chapman, running out of gas on the way!

Oh yes! In those days there was no trim for the fins or headlights so all we see is red paint.



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